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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh mexico.......

Well, we finally arrived in Melaque, Mexico....a week ago!
Its been a great week so far. We managed to arrange through our friend Luis  (choko) to stay at the Bungalows Laguna Del Tule for $4000 pesos for the month...thats cheap, around $325. So thats where we are. Its pretty far from town, at the very far end of San Patricio, so we do need bicycles to get around, but Luis was generous enough to lend us those as well, so its worked out amazingly for us.
Its been really hot here, and the humidity is crazy. Averaging at least 35- 40 degrees out everyday, and raining for at least a half an hour everyday as well. Its like we are living in a sauna....but I cant complain really, now can I?
Owen and I have decided that due to the incredibly cheap prices here, we are able to purchase ourselves some  custom shaped surf boards and are looking forward to getting some waves (small ones for now) really soon. As for now tho, we are getting everything together for the miniramp. We have started taking it apart, and are heading to Guadalajara tomorrow with a couple of friends to try to find either masonite or skatelite. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we find it. Choko has aranged a big ramp party for the 9 of October, so we have a little more than a week and a half to get the ramp fixed and skateable.
Other than the ramp, we have been living a lazy life...we´ve been forced to really. Not much to do in this heat other than laze at the beach, have a nap or eat.... so we´ve been doing just that....repeatedly.
Anyhow, im off to go have a post lunch nap! adios!


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